3D Animals
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3D Animals

3D Animals Names And Sounds For Kids

Kids Learning Different types of Animals names and sounds for kids.here we show different animals pictures so your kids easily identify animals and learning animals names and sounds.In My channel New educational video series for kids and We are featuring different videos of animals. Also learn the names of different animals and their spelling of these animals from Africa. Those educational and fun videos for your kids will keep young children and toddlers learning while having lots of fun! Animals Videos for Kids are a great way to learn and entertain your little kids!

3D Animals Names:

Here we Have some Pictures of 3d animals to your preschool kids easily identify and remembering animals names and sounds.


In This Picture animal name is An elephant is a very big animal on the earth. It has four legs like large pillars, two big ears it looks like big fans, a long trunk and a short tail on the back. The male elephant has two long teeth called tusks.They have the capacity to hear the sounds from long distance around 5 miles away.


The lion has a healthy body. It is four-legged, it eats flesh, its paws are powerful. Its footprints are known as pug-marks. It has two sharp eyes; it hunts during the night, lions are the excellent hunter. It sleeps during the daytime.


Foxes are medium sized medium mammals in the dog family that are found all over the world and are known for being smart and tricky.it has four legs with black paws,two large ears,strong claws and a bushy tail.


The horse is a very useful and domestic animal and they have four legs. Its legs are slender but strong enough to run miles at one go without any break. The horses may differ in sizes and colours. It can be of grey, red, brown, black, white or a mixed colour. The horse is a very powerful animal and they are a good companion and friend of man.

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