Moral Stories | Appu Elephant & Best Friends 3D Animated English Story

Appu Elephant & Best Friends 3D Animated English Story – Bed Time Moral Stories for Kids Children. Watch all moral stories and panchatantra tales

Once There lived a elephant in a jungle named appu, he does not have any friends.. he decided to make friends and going in jungle, he saw one horse and asked can please do friendship with me and horse said no u looking big and i am getting fear. elephant went and asked all animals but they told same as like horse. one day lion started eating all animals elephant killed lion and saved all animals then all animals realized that the elephant is good hearted and good friend. Learning Ethics and Morals Is Very Important To Kids From Their Childhood Here We Have Grate #MoralStoriesForKids Like #PanchatantraTales And Kids Favorite #BedTimeStories And #CartoonAnimatedStories Watch And Enjoy Learn Grate Moral With 3D Animated #MoralStories For more Updates and Videos Subscribe to us :

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