The Donkey & The Goat 3D Animated Hindi Moral Stories Kids

The Donkey & The Goat 3D Animated Hindi Moral Stories Kids गधा और मूर्ख बकरी कहानी Animals Tales.

learning good morals with these Hindi animated #moralstoriesforkids there are so many stories for kids to learn morals with #cartoonanimatedstories . here the story is once there lived a donkey and goat. the goat always feel jealous because the owner of these two animals caring only donkey. one day the goat went to the donkey and said see donkey friend.. your are doing hard work, you went to the bazaar and carry heavy weights to our owner, but the owner didn’t caring you well. he like me only that why he didn’t telling any work to me. so you need to do something. the donkey trust the words of the goat and agreed to do something the goat gave an idea that when you are going to the bazaar in middle fell down.. after he will not give you any work. the donkey felled in middle of bazaar as said by goat and got injured the leg. immediately the owner went to the goat and killed it for the flesh, he took the flesh and added to the donkey to recover quickly. the donkey understand the mistake and caring of owner. the moral of the story is the goat was killed because of the greediness and Jealous. Watch and learn all morals with These amazing #moralstories and #bedtimestories

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