The Magic Pot – 3D Animated Hindi Kids Moral Stories जादुई मटका हिन्दी कहानी Hindi Fairy Tales

Here is another story that about a man and a magical pot. Once there is a man in a village. he is a former, every day he went to the field for farming and one day the man went to the forest and its lunch time. he put the hammer in a pot near a tree before he went to the lunch. he finished lunch and went near tree to take the hammer in the pot. but he surprised that there is hundred hammers in the pot. he took the pot to his home and as a trail he put an apple in the pot and again there was hundred apples in the pot. he felt so happy and after he put a money coin in the pot. and the coins increased hundred times. all people in the village surprised that the man getting very rich in very small time. they all want to know what was happening in his home. one day a thieve watching into the man’s house from the window. the man put some milk in the pot the milk was increased 100 times and the thieve saw all these and thought to theft the pot. he theft the pot and searched with his hand to test what was in the pot. Surprisingly there was hundred hands to the the thieve. he was so scared and ran away from the place. after the man saw the thieve and understood he theft the pot. Here We Have Great #MoralStoriesForKids Like #PanchatantraTales And Kids Favorite #BedTimeStories And #CartoonAnimatedStories Watch And Enjoy Learn Grate Moral With 3D Animated #MoralStories

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